Lost In Love

A decision appears upon the horizon of your mentality

Not intended to cause chaos but reveals prayers being answered

Still lingering on the questions of what if’s and why now

Trying to deplete any signs of absolute assurance

Protecting a jewel so precious with a rabid outer shell

Contained with venom of uncertainty it holds strong

Only to build a fury of urge growing inside

Fighting to relax upon another heart unsure

Yearning to unlock an abundance of happiness and joy

But internally confused with emotional dementia

Repeatedly silencing the cries of a possible future

Which in essence creates the doubts and frustrations of the present

Sanding out the baggage of the past, hoping to relieve some pressure

Feeling no remorse towards the want for love with the slightest hint of guilt

Guilt for putting my current future in the path of a chaotic history

It’s time for a new life’s course to be realized

Beckoning to be heard over the crowds personal desires

Burning a flame to soiled corruption, destroying any fears of change

Hiding behind a simulation of trusting eyes I wait

Reaching out trying to grasp every ounce of certainty

But living in turmoil of an invisible dimension

Straining to keep myself grounded

I’m losing myself in a man that is suppose to rise with me

A decision appears upon the horizon of my mentality

I’m lost in love again

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